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Frequently Asked Questions


Flexi Software

-Is Flexi software compatible with Windows Vista operating system?

The only version of Flexi that is expected to be compatible with Windows Vista is the newly announced version 8.5 of Flexi.

-What do I do when a "Visual C++ Runtime error" appears on my screen?

This usually prevents the user from launching Production Manager. Close Flexi. In the Start menu go to Flexi and from the sub-menu select  "Preference Manager". Click on "Load" with "Factory Defaults" selected. This will re-establish communication with Production Manager, but any plotter or Large Format printers will have to be Set up once again in Production Manager.


Graphtec Plotter

-When I load the plotter  and get ready to cut, the plotter begins advancing the material out the front of the machine on its own. What is wrong?

The Graphtec 7000 series plotters allow the user to position the vinyl on the front of the machine or on the rear of the machine. Once the pinch rollers are in place and brought down on the material, the control panel will display options and indicate either "Front Set" or "Rear Set". If the material is in the back of the machine the proper display should be "Rear Set". If it indicates "Front Set" the machine will attempt to locate the front edge of the material, but will locate it at the back of the roll. It is easy to change it to display "Rear Set" by pressing either the "Up" or "Down" purple arrow one time on the face of the machine.


Roland VersaCAMM Printer