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Our Partners


Signworld Corporation

Castek Resources is the exclusive provider of technical education and support for Signworld Corporation. Signworld consists of more than 250 independently-owned sign businesses throughout the United States. We provide production systems for new Signworld owners, provide world-class private training programs (both instructor-led, and internet-delivered), and back it all up with a level of support and responsiveness and knowledge that is not available anywhere else.

Roland Digital Group

Castek Resources has been a resale partner of Roland Digital for over fifteen years. Roland print-cut devices are world-class tools for producing outdoor durable signage without the need to ventilate or re-circulate and scrub the air in the vicinity of the machine.

SAi home


We are the longest tenured reseller for Scanvec, and their FlexiSIGN family of sign production software. Flexi is the leader for comprehensive, sign-making software solutions to the sign-production industry.


We partner with X-Rite to provide Eye One color management solutions. These devices allow the user to calibrate monitors and scanners, as well as create printer and media profiles for custom workflows.

Graphtec America Inc.


Castek offers the entire line of Graphtec Plotters. From the engineering class CE5000 series to the high performance FC7000 series, we provide professional service when you purchase one of the Graphtec machines.

Royal Sovereign

We provide sales and service on the Royal Sovereign RSC cold laminators. These devices come in various widths, the RSC-1400C, a 55 inch laminator and the RSC1650C, which measures 65 inches in width.